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A few of these sound exciting. Maybe 2014-01-09 Locally Sensitive Hashing,
2014-01-16 Algorithmic Trading, 2014-01-15 D3 for Data Scientists and
Enthusiasts, and/or the MIT CSAIL thing.

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Subject: [Boston-Predictive-Analytics] Upcoming Local Events related to
Data, Analytics, Startups, et al.
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Hi Folks,

Below are upcoming data and analytic events that I've come across for the
rest of December and into January.

   - 12-16 Mon - *Amazon Web Services: Designing for
   - 12-16 Mon - *Apache HBase: Where We've Been and What's
   - 12-17 Tue - *The Anatomy of a jQuery UI
   - 12-17 Tue - *Building Analytic Technology Products Seminar 3: Back-End
   Platforms* <http://www.meetup.com/The-Data-Scientist/events/150021782/>
   - 12-18 Wed - *PyLadies: Science: SciPy, Numpy, and
   - 12-18 Wed - *Challenge Cup - Startup
   - 12-18 Wed - *Learn2Code: Git and GitHub - Get Your Hands Dirty

   - 01-07 Tue - *Boston Fintech
   - 01-09 Thu - *Mining of Massive Datasets using Locality Sensitive
   Hashing (LSH) <http://www.meetup.com/Boston-Data-Mining/>*
   - 01-14 Tue - *Big Data & You: Preparing Current & Future Information
   Specialists [$15-45, AM]
   - 01-14 Tue - *BIG Transitions & How They Affect Your Startup Culture
   - 01-14 Tue - *Semantic Web Meetup
   - 01-16 Thu - *Boston Algorithmic Trading
   - 01-21 Tue - *Healthcare Analytics
   - 01-30 to 02-01 - *Mass Hack <http://www.masshack.com/>*
   - 11-12 to 01-20 - *MIT Big Data Challenge: Boston Transportation
   [Virtual] <http://bigdatachallenge.csail.mit.edu/>*

An addendum to last week is that for the MIT Big Data Challenge at least
one member needs to be affiliated with MIT.  I spoke with them, and they
may add a section to their website for individuals who are looking for
teams / sponsors.  When I hear something I will update the group.

Also, links to Meetup's Calendar and Group search.  Note that these links
will show a Calendar for Groups you have joined. Please see the "Groups"
tab in upper-right to see related Data or Startups Groups.

   - *Meetup "Data" Calendar and Groups <http://bit.ly/1aNF9HM>*
   - *Meetup "Startups" Calendar and Groups* <http://bit.ly/17pqdPg>

Meetup page for the above list:


Best Regards,

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