[brite-users] simulation set pcap enabled prefix <path> error

Chuck Lim chucky_da_great at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 12 04:59:17 EST 2014

Hi all, I was trying to enable pcap tracing for my simulation, so I set

0h0m0s: simulation set logging file
0h0m0s: simulation set pcap enabled prefix testTrace
in my story. However, I keep on getting the error "aborted. cond="file->Fail ()", msg="Unable to Open testTrace.1151437277.node-118-1.pcap for mode 16", file=../src/network/helper/trace-helper.cc, line=60"

I've tried backtracking from the story file and how the set pcap enabled command works, but I am not able to find any leads. It seems to me that all this does is call p2p.enablePcapAll( fileName ); csma.enablePcapAll( filename); and so I don't see why it should be throwing an error. Your help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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