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Stefano-Niko Orzen niko.orzen at cs.upt.ro
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With the instructions from the brite website you can run the simulator.




and with these you can integrate into ns3.


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On Fri, April 25, 2014 05:16, & ìoƒº & wrote:
> I am a graduate student and now working on a new generation of
> network,that is NDN. I use the simulation software: NS-3. In NS-3 it use
> the topology generator BRITE. But when I run the example of BRITE inside
> found errors, compile the cause of the fault is that Model the module is
> not found. So I download a BRITE topology generator, but the two errors in
> compiling c + +, because  NS-3  is running on the Linux environment, and
> NS-3  is written in c + +, so when I was in the download is only supported
> under the c + + version of the BRITE. Now the question is although I
> downloaded the BRITE, but cannot compile successfully, so it won't, but I
> want to check with BRITE topology generator to generate the result of the
> topology, see if it can be visualized. Could you please tell me how to
> under Linux install BRITE and compile?How to use the BRITE to NS-3?How a
> visual look at its output? Thank you very
> much._______________________________________________
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