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I am a graduate student and now working on a new generation of network,that is NDN. I use the simulation software: NS-3. In NS-3 it use the topology generator BRITE. But when I run the example of BRITE inside found errors, compile the cause of the fault is that Model the module is not found. So I download a BRITE topology generator, but the two errors in compiling c + +, because  NS-3  is running on the Linux environment, and  NS-3  is written in c + +, so when I was in the download is only supported under the c + + version of the BRITE. Now the question is although I downloaded the BRITE, but cannot compile successfully, so it won't, but I want to check with BRITE topology generator to generate the result of the topology, see if it can be visualized. Could you please tell me how to under Linux install BRITE and compile?How to use the BRITE to NS-3?How a visual look at its output? Thank you very much.
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