[brite-users] Bandwidth issue on a two level hierarchical topology help

Miruta Radu radu.miruta at elcom.pub.ro
Tue Aug 28 11:28:14 EDT 2012

Hello everybody,

    I want to use BRITE in order to generate a topology with let say 15 AS
and each AS containing 25 nodes (total 15*25=375 routers). It doesn't
matter how the nodes inside an AS are interconnected, but I want the
AS-es being connected through only with 1 or 2 links. I am not
interested in delay, but I want to specify some bandwidth values for
both inter and intra domain links.
    For this purpose I choosed:
-Topology Type: Top-down
-Edge connection model: Random;
-Inter and Intra BW dist: Uniform;
-Intra and Inter BWmax/min: 100/10

Set AS parameters:
-HS: 100;
-LS: 10;
-N: 15;
-Model: Waxman;
-Node Placement: Random;
-Growth Type: Incremental;
-Pref. Conn: None;
-m=3;alpha=0.15 and beta=0.2

For Router Topology parameters the same as the AS excepting N=25

After building with success the topology, in the generated topology file,
regarding the edges doesn't contain any information related to bandwidth
(almost values are -1.0 which as I understood from the user manual
signifies that do not have a corresponding bandwidth even if I set it to
be distributed uniformly between min and max values.

45        16        17        35.44009        0.0        -1.0        0        0        E_RT_BACKBONE        U
46        16        15        73.82411        0.0        -1.0        0        0        E_RT_BACKBONE        U
47        19        16        46.69047        0.0        -1.0        0        0        E_RT_BACKBONE        U
48        19        15        33.01515        0.0        -1.0        0        0

Can somebody told me where is the mistake? Would be better to use the
Bottom-UP topology type instead of Top-Down for my purpose?

Please if you have any verified solutions give me an advice because I
worked a lot for creating a routing algorithm and now I am not able to
generate a topology as an input for this algorithm.

I will appreciate your answers,
All the best,
Radu Miruta

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