[brite-users] BRITE top-down hierarhical topologies help

Miruta Radu radu.miruta at elcom.pub.ro
Mon Aug 27 09:48:38 EDT 2012


     My name is Radu Miruta and I am a PhD student at University 
Polytechnic from Bucharest, Romania. I am trying to use BRITE for the 
first time in order to generate a hierarchical topologie and even if I 
receive no error message during the generating process (more than that 
the message was "generation topology completed, or something similar" 
the folder with the desired topology was not created, so I can not see 
any generated topology. It is very important for my research activity 
(overlay routing with QoS constraints), so if somebody could help me, I 
would be grateful.

All the best from Romania,
Radu Miruta
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