[brite-users] Problem installing BRITE

张国明 anphorea at gmail.com
Sun Apr 4 09:59:59 EDT 2010

Hi franck,

You need two modules,

*Models/Model.h:31:18: error: *
* *
*algo.h: No such file or directory*
This error is because that ubuntu don't have the needed .h files,please see
this thread for instructions about how to install the old libs on ubuntu.

*/bin/sh: javac: not found*
This is because JDK env is not installed on your system,try to install one
(for example,openjdk) from *ubuntu software center*."javac" is the java
compiler which is included in the Java Development Kit.

good luck.

Merrick Zhang,China

2010/4/4 franck kalala <franckkalala at yahoo.fr>

>  algo
> algo.h
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