[brite-users] Reg BRITE usage!

Abhishek Bhattacharya abhat002 at cis.fiu.edu
Fri Feb 5 14:00:07 EST 2010


I am trying to use BRITE for a P2P application under development.
But, I am facing certain problems in interpreting the brite output graph.

According to the documentation each edge is interpreted as:
< EdgeID, from, to, length, delay, bandwidth, ASfrom, ASto, type >
where EdgeID = unique id fro each edge
from, to = node id of source/destination
length = Euclidean length
delay = propagation delay of the edge
bandwidth = bandwidth of the edge with uniform distribution with min=1
            and max=1024
ASfrom, ASto = ASid of source/destination node
type = edge type

But my output file generated an edge line as:
2999 2 227 289.35 -1 146.74 2 227 E_AS U
where it has 10 fields and moreover the delay field is -1 which is odd.
Even one sample graph provided in
/BRITE/C++/Models/conf_files/sample_graphs/ASFile.brite OR RTFile.brite
also provides 10 fields with delay -1.
How do I get a relevant positive delay quantity?

Moreover, I want a sample graph for my application with 10 AS and 100
routers in each AS with bandwidth and delay vales for each edge. Which
will be the suitable config file in my case?
There are a lot of config files given as sample with different models such
as Waxman, barabasi, etc but I don't understand which one to use in my
It's not clearly described in the documentation as to the exact meaning
for each config files and how they can be interpreted or customized for
general usage.

Your help in this regard will be highly appreciated!

Abhishek Bhattacharya
PhD Student
FIU, Computer Sc.

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