[brite-users] questions about bandwidth, router type, link type for Top-down topology

Gaofeng Yue yuegf2000 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 27 16:28:15 EST 2008

 Hi, All,

I used BRITE to generate a two-level top-down topology (one AS-level, one
router-level) and I found that there are several problems.
I used the GUI.

If I choose to use Java to generate the topology, it can generate topology
where some nodes are RT_NODE, some nodes are RT_BORDER, some links are E_RT,
some links are E_AS. This is fine. But the problem is that something is
wrong with the link bandwidth. I choose the link bandwidth distribution to
be uniform (for AS-level, and for router-level), some link bandwidths are
not in the [BWmin, BWmax] range. The problem is worse for E_AS. The link
bandwidth for E_AS is less than 1.0.

If I choose to use C++ EXE to generate the topology. It can generate link
bandwidth without problems (that is, all link bandwidth lie in the range
[BWmin, BWmax]). But the problem is that it can not generate node type and
link type correctly.
It generates all node to be RT_NODE. Actually some nodes should be
RT_BORDER. Likewise, it can not generate link type correctly as well. It
outputs all link to be E_RT. Actually some links should be E_AS.

Could anyone explain this? Is there anything I overlook?


yuegf2000 at gmail.com
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