[brite-users] Overlay Network Simulators

Mohammad Hossein Rezvani rezvani at iust.ac.ir
Wed Nov 5 19:50:06 EST 2008

Dear all users,
I am a researcher in the area of P2P systems. I have been 
concentrated on the field of "Overlay Networks" specially.
I need a simulatur to generate a random topology for underlying layers 
(links, routers, ...). Moreovere I want to implement a first-tree 
approach on top of it and construct an overlay tree. I need to be able 
to simulate a protocol for this network. The simulator must be able to 
accept new classes written by us. Which simulator do you suggest 
for me? 
So far, some researchers have reported in the papers that they have 
used "BRITE topology generator" for overlay networks.
Is it enough for me? Would you please say me whethere or not there are 
other simulators to work with tree-based overlay networks? What about 
Opnet or other simulators?
I want to know whether or not simulators such as BRITE,OverSim, and so 
on can fulfil my expectations? (i.e., building a tree overlay)?
What is your suggestion for me?

Best Regards
Mohammad Hossein Rezvani

Ph.D. Candidate 
Iran University of Science & Technology (IUST)
Computer Engineering Department

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