[brite-users] delay on BRITE

Alberto Medina amedina at bbn.com
Wed Apr 30 08:12:08 EDT 2008

Hi Pablo,

That's should be correct. You could output the link delays into a  
finle and plot them to get a sense oh the corresponding distribution.


- Alberto.

Em Apr 30, 2008, às 6:31 AM, pdommay at ribera.tel.uva.es escreveu:

> Hi all !!
> I'm a user of BRITE. I'm using it on my End's Career Proyect, and
> i have a doubt about the delay BRITE generates for the edges that
> i couldn't solve by myself with the User Manual.
> The delay that BRITE assign to the edges...is proportional to the
> length of these edges, isn't it? I mean, if i select a Heavy
> Tailed node placement, then the length of the edges in my network
> will be Heavy Tailed, and the delay will be Heavy Tailed too?
> Thanks in advance for any help you can provide me :).
> Pablo
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