[brite-users] delay on BRITE

pdommay at ribera.tel.uva.es pdommay at ribera.tel.uva.es
Wed Apr 30 06:31:23 EDT 2008

Hi all !!

I'm a user of BRITE. I'm using it on my End's Career Proyect, and 
i have a doubt about the delay BRITE generates for the edges that 
i couldn't solve by myself with the User Manual.

The delay that BRITE assign to the edges...is proportional to the 
length of these edges, isn't it? I mean, if i select a Heavy 
Tailed node placement, then the length of the edges in my network 
will be Heavy Tailed, and the delay will be Heavy Tailed too?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide me :).


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