[brite-users] Having Questions using BRITE, Thank you!

一鹏 yp-li05 at mails.tsinghua.edu.cn
Mon Nov 19 03:13:10 EST 2007

Hi,dear Mr:
	I am a ph.d candidate from Tsignhua University Beijing, China.

	I've downloaded BRITE topology generator several days ago. 
	To work conveniently, I used a Virtual Machine Ware software to build a Ubuntu7.04 on the WindowsXP SP2 platform, and my Java-version is 1.4.
	Following the Readme file in the BRITE.tar.gz, I "make all" and "./brite &" successfully, the it showed the GUI.
	During using it to generate specific topology, the "AS only" and the "Router only" worked well, and I got the .brite file.
	But when I selected TopDown mode using Java.exe, the status windows shows the following infomation:
	[Message] connecting nodes.../AS noded ***NOT*** connected.../Placing Nodes....
	Or something like that, then No Responding.

	I never tried to change any source code. And when I used c++.exe, there was similar situition.
	I need to use BRITE to build TopDown model for P2P overlay & physical network simulation, what I can do?

	Thank you, waiting your help.
Li Yipeng
East Main Building 10-401


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