[brite-users] BRITE Extension

Matthias Waehlisch mw at link-lab.net
Sun Sep 2 10:33:47 EDT 2007

Hi all,

  we have extended BRITE to import/convert Skitter and Dimes data. 
Furthermore we have implemented Magoni's and Pansiot's map sampling 
algorithm and a radius view to create subgraphs.

  You will find further information and a link to the patch under:

  * http://www.realmv6.org/brite-extension.html

  We are happy to share the extension with you. If you have any problems 
with the patch, please, don't hesitate to contact us.


Matthias Waehlisch
:. HAW Hamburg, Dept. Informatik        :. link-lab
:. Berliner Tor 7, 20099 Hamburg        :. Hoenower Str. 35, 10318 Berlin
:. Germany, mailto:waehlisch at ieee.org   :. Germany, mailto:mw at link-lab.net
:. http://home.fhtw-berlin.de/~mw       :. http://www.link-lab.net

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