[brite-users] How could I fix the generation problem?

Jukka Larja jlarja at tml.hut.fi
Fri Jul 20 01:47:18 EDT 2007

csjfu kirjoitti:

>  I’m trying to install BRITE on WinXP using CyGWin, but I have some 
>  installation problem.
> - after following the whole procedure, i used the command :
>    java -Xmx256M -classpath "Java;." GUI.Brite
>   and the GUI started successfuly. when i tried to generate a topology using "Use Java Exe" i got the following error: 
>          java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Main/Brite
>          Exception in thread "main" 
>   when i tried to generate a topology using "Use C++ Exe" i got the following error: 
>          An error occured while trying to run executable
>          java.io.ioException: CreateProcess:bin\cppgen GUI_GEN.conf 1 seed_file error=2

As I wrote in my previous mail to you:

 > To actually get BRITE to work under Cygwin, you also need to change
 > makefiles and GUI/Brite.java (line 373 where there is a command line
 > used to call Brite. I haven't tried to get C++ version to work).

I forgot to mention that you must recompile, but I hope that wasn't the 
problem. I actually did not bother to fix the makefiles but simply 
recompiled manually (everything under Java directory and GUI directory) 
using standard cmd shell and javac. The Cygwin's make didn't seem to 
work very well anyway.

I am actually using BRITE under Linux and only wanted to know how hard 
it would be to get it to work under Windows (part of a sort of proof of 
concept of protability of the system I am working on). I only generated 
one topology (the one that GUI offers when it is started) and it is 
quite possible that not everything is working. For example, I didn't 
bother to fix command line used to call C++ version, since it cannot 
even be compiled under Cygwin without some fixes.

So, to recapitulate:

1. Probably every Java classpath in BRITE source and scripts is broken 
under Cygwin
2. Probably some other paths and command lines are broken
3. It is probably a good idea to run BRITE under Linux or some other 
*nix, if at all possible

Hope this helps.


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