[brite-users] BRITE vs GT-ITM (how to convert)

Anshul at cs anshul at CS.Arizona.EDU
Wed Nov 1 16:01:08 EST 2006

Hi all ,
I am Anshul  and I  am new comer to this group and mailing for the  
first time  .

I am working on Networking project where i was using GT-ITM topology  
Now for evaluation purpose i need to  use BRITE too. but  The basic  
thing i dont want to change
is Underlying Topology while i use BRITE. so is it possible that  
BRITE parameters can be reflected in
ITM some how and still they generate the same underlying edges ( i am  
not concerned much about BW  and
link cost).

So Is it possible to convert a brite file to its exact equivalent  
into sgb files.

my questions precisely are

a) Given the same set of nodes and plane dimension is it possible to   
derive that both will be
identical atleast in terms of connectivity. ( BRITE vs GT-ITM) even  
if links cost and other factors vary from
one model to another.(when i say edges i mean more of same links  
between given set of nodes.)

b) BRITE uses multiple seed points  while GT-ITM used just one. Again  
since the under lying algorithm which i chose
is waxman is same in both case ... is it possible to  incorporate  
seeds that is consistent ( or same) in both cases.

Best Regrads

Best Regards.

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