[brite-users] books for internet topology , traffic engineering, graph theory

Walid Ghamry wghamry at yahoo.com
Fri May 19 05:18:36 EDT 2006

dear users
i am asking for strong and powerful for books in the
following :
1- network & internet topology contains the majority
for all the recent and modern methods for design and
implement the topolgy.
2- traffic engineering as general and specially in
internet traffic engineering and contains the methods
and scenarios for implementing these methods for TE.
3- graph theory contains algorithmic graph theory like
the one published by "james a. mchugh" in 1990 , but
it is old so i want a new book contains like this all
the psuedo code for all the algorithms in graph theory

4- alogrithms for the graph theory and internet
topology implentes as a full source code in C++ 

if any one has the names for srong books for these
topics, please send me the names and if has alreasy
these books in pdf format , please send me at once
thank you very much
eng. walid kamal

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