[brite-users] Integrated tool nedase-brite, ns-2, delite, glomosim

Muhammad Azizur Rahman ayek1 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 13 07:27:24 EST 2006

There is a tool called nedase that helps transforming a model automatically  from one one tool to other (e.g. brite, ns-2, glomosim, delite). Command line argument is used. There are three files (one exe file and two template files). Please download and keep them in the same folder.
                        website: http://simt-dev.unl.ac.uk/PhDresearch1/
  For example:
                 1)  nedase    brite100.brite  brite100.ns
  =>> this will convert brite file (created in brite tool) to .ns (tcl) file, which can be execute in Ns-2 simulator.
  Same for the reverse:
                  2)  nedase    brite100.ns  brite100.brite
  Others can be done as well :
                 3) nedase    brite100.brite  brite100.in (from brite to glomosim format)
                 4) nedase    brite100.brite  brite100.net (from brite to delite format)
                  5) nedase    brite100.ns  brite100.in (from .ns  (tcl) to glomosim format)
  And so on..
  Please check the website to download: http://simt-dev.unl.ac.uk/PhDresearch1/
  Kind regards.

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