[brite-users] Plot a topology

Massimo Canonico canonico at mfn.unipmn.it
Thu Feb 2 12:52:18 EST 2006

I have tried to use Emulab, but it seems that the NS file generated by 
BRITE is not compatible to Emulab Parser.

As matter of fact, I got this error:

wrong # args: should be "proc name args body" while executing
"proc create_topology{} {
    global ns
*** ERROR: parse-ns: Parsing failed (error code 1)! NS Parse failed!


Robert P Ricci wrote:

>I see you have an account on Emulab (http://www.emulab.net).
>One roundabout way to plot it would be to export the topology as NS,
>then submit the NS file to Emulab (without swapping in the experiment).
>Emulab will generate both a thumbnail and large view of the topology,
>which is accessible through the 'Visualization and NS file' link on the
>experiment page.
>However, Emulab is geared towards experiments with hundreds to a few
>thousand nodes.  So, if your topology is too big, it might not work so
>The emulab graph drawing feature uses graphviz underneath, but does a
>bunch of things to clean up the graphviz output (like removing dead
>Thus spake Massimo Canonico on Thu, Feb 02, 2006 at 01:41:27PM +0100:
>>I am wondering which is the easiest way to plot a topology generated by 
>>Brite. I would like see the nodes as circles and nodes connected by 
>>lines. If the lines could have label with the value of the bandwidth, It 
>>would be perfect.
>>Any ideas?
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