[brite-users] Import SCAN and NLANR files

#TA NGUYEN BINH DUONG# binhduong at pmail.ntu.edu.sg
Wed Aug 24 03:15:02 EDT 2005

Dear list,

I've tried to import SCAN files from http://www.isi.edu/scan/mercator/maps.html for router level topology, and NLANR ASconlist files from http://moat.nlanr.net/Routing/rawdata/ for AS level topology, but always got the following error after pressing Build Topology button:

	at Import.BriteImport.parse(BriteImport.java:113)
	at Model.FileModel.Generate(FileModel.java:148)
	at Topology.Topology.<init>(Topology.java:43)
	at Main.Brite.main(Brite.java:69)

Anyone has successfully imported real topology data into BRITE, please help.


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