[brite-users] Questions on heavy tailed networks and preferential attachment

Alberto Medina amedina at bbn.com
Mon Jun 6 07:53:36 EDT 2005

Hi Kriti,

The heavy-tailed option controls  the placement of the nodes in the 
plane. If you do not specify the HT option for node placement, then 
nodes will be distributed sort of uniformly around the area of the 
topology plane. Preferential attachment influences how new nodes connect 
to the existing topology.  A HT node placement influences the distances 
between the nodes, and if the connectivity model used takes into  
account such distances, then the topology produced will be different 
with a HT node placement than otherwise.


- Alberto.

>I am confused about heavy tailed networks and preferential attachment. Is
>heavy tailed and preferential attachment synonymous? Can one go without
>I ask this as BRITE seems to have an option where we can have a heavy
>tailed distribution with preferential connectivity = none.
>The following topologies can be selected in BRITE:
>1. Model = Router Waxman, Node placement = Heavy Tailed and preferential
>connectivity = none
>2. Model = Router Barabasi Albert, Node Placement = Heavy Tailed,
>Preferential connectivity = none
>What does this mean in terms of the output topology? I am not sure if I am
>missing something obvious. I would appreciate if there was an explanation
>of the same.
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