[brite-users] Questions on heavy tailed networks and preferential attachment

Kriti Mehra kmehra at cs.umn.edu
Mon Jun 6 01:07:47 EDT 2005


I am confused about heavy tailed networks and preferential attachment. Is
heavy tailed and preferential attachment synonymous? Can one go without

I ask this as BRITE seems to have an option where we can have a heavy
tailed distribution with preferential connectivity = none.

The following topologies can be selected in BRITE:

1. Model = Router Waxman, Node placement = Heavy Tailed and preferential
connectivity = none
2. Model = Router Barabasi Albert, Node Placement = Heavy Tailed,
Preferential connectivity = none

What does this mean in terms of the output topology? I am not sure if I am
missing something obvious. I would appreciate if there was an explanation
of the same.


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