[brite-users] creating topology directly from Java?

Jean Lepropre lepropre at run.montefiore.ulg.ac.be
Tue Feb 8 11:37:38 EST 2005

Hi Chris,

It's very simple. All you have to do is to instanciate a new Topology 
object with the desired model. The following code should be sufficient 
to illustrate my answer:

Model briteModel = new ASWaxman(*params*);
RandomGenManager rgm = new RandomGenManager();
Topology topology = new Topology(briteModel);

If I didn't any mistakes, the generated topology is contained in the 
Topology object. The methods topology.getGraph().getNodesArray() and 
topology.getGraph().getEdgesArray() will give you arrays containing the 
nodes and the edges respectively.


Chris Majewski wrote:
> Anyone know how to create a BRITE topology directly as a data structure 
> in Java?
> I have some Java simulation code, so it feels unnecessary to run a separate
> command-line Java program (i.e. BRITE) to generate a file and then write 
> some more Java code
> to parse that file...
> -chris
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