[brite-users] need to import SSFnet dml file to brite...

Rajalingam Gunasekaran reachrajah at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 23 06:27:53 EST 2004

Dear users

  Hallo, I need some help to produce a network topology in the SSFNET.....I 
have been working on the SSFnet tools and I tried to run them with the given 
topology....But I would like to make a bigger change to the current dml 

  I have network with 720 hosts builted up over 20 main routers.....But Now 
I would like to have  with 7200 hosts which is 10 times more than what I 
have.....In this case to add 100 hosts to the network would be a big work 
manually.....and the dml file would also become very big.....

  I hope you can guide me with a better solution to produce such a dml file 
..hope it can be done by writting a perl script or Java file which will 
produce such a  dml file with more hosts.....May be you have some idea to 
help to solve this problem and build such a network topology....

  I have never used Brite before, so possibly send me on to install and use 
it for my queries...  Is it possible to import this dml file from SSFnet to 
Brite and add the required no. of hosts and intefaces through Brite...if 
possible please help me out to solve my problems...

  Looking forward to your suggestions......And advanced thanks for your 

Have a nice day

Rajalingam Gunasekaran
Forststr. 91/1
70176 Stuttgart

mobile: 00491797016539
home : 00497116742851

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