[brite-users] question for BRITE?

=?gb2312?B?bmlla3Vu?= niekun at mail.amss.ac.cn
Sun Oct 3 03:28:26 EDT 2004

I am a graduate student in china, now I am undertaking a project on complex network, and I think BRITE software is helpful for me.I use windows system, So I install cygwin(Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows),after I installing it,I do the following thing what the readme file tell me.
  $ gunzip BRITE.tar.gz
  $ tar xvf BRITE.tar
  $ cd BRITE/   	
  $ make all

but when I run the last command: make all, a message tell me,that is: 
bash: make: command not found
So I want to know what happened, how can i deal with this problem?

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