[brite-users] which model? Any converter?

Fetahi iw03_fwu at it.kth.se
Mon Jun 21 22:36:43 EDT 2004


We have a simulator that takes in network topologies in the form of .brite
files. And we want to run our simulation on a topology of routers within an

I have two questions. First, I am unable to determine which model generates
"the best" router level topology for a network in an AS. I know I have to
use one of the power law models [BA, AB or GLP] and I also know that AB is
the an extension of BA and GLP is an improvement of AB. But it looks like
these models are geared more towards modeling AS level topology instead of
router level topology. So which model is "the best" for our case?

Another question is, we are also planning on using real network topologies
for our simulator in addition to the synthetic topologies. For this, we are
planning on using the ISP maps generated by Rocketfuel. However the data is
available in .cch format and obviously incompatible with the .brite format.
A little search and I found that some of the data in Rocketfuel is available
in .gml and .ns2 formats. However I am unable to find any converter that is
capable of changing files in .cch, .gml or .ns2 format to .brite. I even
tried to locate a converter that is capable of changing form the above
formats to the GT-ITM and INET formats (to use brite to change them to
.brite) but still I was unable to find one. Before I try to write a
converter on my own, does anyone has a way out, or know of any converter
that is capable of solving the above?


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