[brite-users] multiple-level hierarchical topology

Anukool Lakhina anukool at cs.bu.edu
Fri Mar 19 10:46:57 EST 2004

Hi Jog,

Currently the models provided with BRITE only allow for generating 2-level
topologies.  However, this is not a data structure limitation.   In order
to generate more than 2-level topologies, you'll need to extend one of
TopDownHierModel or BottomUpHierModel classes. The modifications are
small for a straighforward implementation.  If this is something
you'd consider doing, let me know offlist.


On Thu, 18 Mar 2004, Chia-Wei Lin wrote:

> Dear all,
> Could anyone tell me how to generate hierarchical topology with more than two levels ? 
> I try importing a top-down topology as router level topology, but the resulting topology is still a two-level hierarchical topology.
> I think that it should be a three-level hierarchical topology. Anyone could help me ? 
> Thanks,
> jog

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