[brite-users] waxman topology generation

swapna gelvi gelvi_sw at yahoo.co.in
Thu Mar 18 14:23:44 EST 2004

hi frens...
using BRITE i have generated a waxman topology and exported it to NS, upto that it's ok...but when I tried to use that topology as a source file in another tcl file....while executing that tcl file I am getting the following error:

wrong # args: should be "proc name args body"

while executing

"proc create-topology { } {

for {set i 0} {$i < 100} {incr i} {

set n($i) [$ns node]



set qtype ..."

(file "../topo-dup.tcl" line 1)

invoked from within

"source.orig ../topo-dup.tcl"

("uplevel" body line 1)

invoked from within

"uplevel source.orig $fileName"

(procedure "source" line 12)

invoked from within

"source ../topo-dup.tcl"

(file "mcast100.tcl" line 10)

plz help me in this matter........

Thank u so much


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