[brite-users] gcc version

Alberto Medina medina at icsi.berkeley.edu
Wed Mar 10 17:36:07 EST 2004

Hi Anuradha,

I am not sure what is the earliest version of gcc with which BRITE would 
work fine. I have gcc 2.95 and it works. Perhaps some other user may 
report an earlier version.

If you don't want to bother your sysadmin you may consider installing a 
"private" version of gcc only to compile BRITE. Just an idea.


- Alberto.

Anuradha Vaidyanathan wrote:

>        I am trying to build your simulator (the C++ version). I was
>wondering if you could tell me what version of gcc the last stable version
>built on? I am using 3.2.2 and it has a problem with strstream.h (which
>was later fixed - but, I'd rather use an older version of gcc instead of
>convincing the lab to apply the patch).
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