[brite-users] Re: BRITE ns2 output proc extract_leaf_nodes

Samson Lee samson.lee at uts.edu.au
Mon Jan 19 12:23:21 EST 2004

In BRITE ns2 output, what does proc extract_leaf_nodes and proc
extract_nonleaf_nodes do?

My guess is proc extract_leaf_nodes seems to place some node numbers
into the leaf() array. The node numbers are supposed to correspond to
nodes with degree <= 2. For example:

set leaf(0) 1
set leaf(1) 7
set leaf(2) 8
set leaf(3) 15

However, when I look at the graph in nam, I see that nodes 1, 7, 8, 15,
etc. do not all have degrees of less than or equal to 2. Some of them
have up to 6 edges connected to them!

Looking forward to your reply ...

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