[brite-users] edge connection mechanism in top-down approach

Vladimir Blagojevic vladimir at cs.yorku.ca
Fri Sep 12 13:23:54 EDT 2003


I agree that smallest k-degree is a form of preferential connectivity.
However, isn't it hard for the users to choose an appropriate k? How about
choosing nodes randomly out of certain percentage of the most connected


On Thu, 11 Sep 2003, Anukool Lakhina wrote:

> Vladimir,
> The edge connection methods at [1] are borrowed from GT-ITM.
> A form of preferential connectivity arises from Smallest k-degree method.
> By setting k appropriately (say to the largest degree).
> The question of what is a representative edge connection method is to the
> best of my knowledge unknown.  There are many issues involved when two
> ASes connect and its not immediately clear why the largest degree
> routers in two ASes should have a link between them.  Public peering at
> exchange points make things more complicated.

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