[brite-users] Unified model

Vladimir Blagojevic vladimir at cs.yorku.ca
Wed Aug 13 13:12:19 EDT 2003


> >Can't you use BRITE's top-down hierarchical generation model where AS-level
> >has been generated using Barabasi-Albert model and router-level by some
> >other available model and thus achieve desired hiearchical properties
> >targeted by GT-ITM as well as causality aware degree connectivity
> >properties achieved by Barabasi-Albert approach?
> >
> The models implemented currently in BRITE, as they are, do not
> necessarily generate topologies matching the properties of GT-ITM TS
> tooplogies. The approach you described could be used but a new model
> needs to be created which specifically defines which ASs are transit and
> which are stubs. BRITEmodels do not do that. Creating such a model
> should not be difficult building on the extensibility design principles
> of BRITE

Does this mean that the unified model as defined at the end of the section
2.1 is just a matter of implementation? I thought that developing such a
unified model is still the topic of research?


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