[brite-users] Unified model

Vladimir Blagojevic vladimir@cs.yorku.ca
Wed Aug 13 11:20:03 2003


I have a few more questions :)

In your paper, "BRITE:An approach to Universal Topology Generation",
at the end of section 2.1, you argue that "unified model that considers
both hierarchical properties, degree distributions, and connectivity
properties, and incorporates causal models has not yet been developed."

Can't you use BRITE's top-down hierarchical generation model where AS-level
has been generated using Barabasi-Albert model and router-level by some
other available model and thus achieve desired hiearchical properties
targeted by GT-ITM as well as causality aware degree connectivity
properties achieved by Barabasi-Albert approach?

Is BRITE capable of producing Transit-Stub using top-down hiearchical
model? How does BRITE immitate GT-ITM transit-stub without explicitely
importing it? Is it top-down hierarchical with Waxman on both levels?

Does it make any sense to use Barabasi-Albert on both levels and is there
any benefit to this approach?

All the best,