[brite-users] About SkitterImport.java::parse()

Anukool Lakhina anukool@cs.bu.edu
Thu Jul 24 21:13:01 2003

Hi Juan,

I think I mispoke when I told you that BRITE  can import Skitter files in
the artsdump format.  What I meant to say was that Skitter files can be
imported into BRITE in the sk_analysis_dump format.  Sorry about the
trouble.  Sk_analysis_dump is a utility, like artsdump which dumps the
arts file into a format that is easy to parse.  You can find download
sk_analysis_dump from:


and read more about the format at: 


It is this format that BRITE can import from.  Cheers,


 On Wed, 23 Jul 2003, Juan Rodriguez Hervella wrote:

> Hello:
> I'm trying to understand how a skitter file is parsed, but
> the source code doesn't look like the output generated by
> artsdump tool.
> Is this function useful or it has to be build from the scratch ? 
> Thanks.
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