[brite-users] is this possible ?

Anukool Lakhina anukool@cs.bu.edu
Thu Jul 24 21:02:01 2003

Yes, this is possible but you'll have to do some post-processing on your
own.  Generate a Top-Down Hierrachical Topology with the AS and Router
models of your choice (Router=Subnet in this case).  The easiest way to
get to what you want is to parse the resulting BRITE output and remove the
border to border links.   This way you won't need to extend
BRITE.  Cheers,  Anukool

 On Thu, 24 Jul 2003, pro wrote:

> hi,
> is it possible to create a net with AS-nodes and for each AS-node create an
> attached 'subnet'.
> nodes from one AS-subnet arent intereconnected with nodes from another
> AS-subnet, there are only connection with nodes from the same subnet and
> connection to the AS-routers (like
> figure 5 from manual.pdf, but without the edge connections between the
> routertopologies) ?
> (sorry if this message comes 2times)
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