[brite-users] Different kinds of nodes.

Anukool Lakhina anukool@cs.bu.edu
Wed Jul 9 11:48:01 2003

Hi Judith,

Welcome to BRITE!  :)

Here are answers to your questions:
 1) To do this, you'll have to extend BRITE.  Currently Brite supports two
kinds of nodes, ASes and Routers (code in ASNodeConf.java and
RouterNodeConf.java).   To add a different kind of node, you'll have to
extend NodeConf.java and instantiate a class of your own, say,
HostNodeConf.java.  I can guide you through the process off-line.

 2) The NS export that is built into BRITE (Export/NSExport.java, not the 
contributed script) has a function that allows you to get leaf
nodes.  Presumably this is what you want.   To do anything more
sophisticated, you will need to modify Export/NSExport.java to tag
the nodes you're interested in so you can extract them. 

Good luck,


On Wed, 9 Jul 2003, [iso-8859-1] Tu Wanqing wrote:

>   Hi, All,
>   I'm a novice of the BRITE. I met some questions
> about BRITE. 
>   1) How can I generate a topology with different
> kinds of nodes, such as routers and the end-hosts?
>   2) How can I differ this two kinds of nodes in 
> NS2?
>   Thank you in advance.
>   Best,
>   Judith
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