[brite-users] importing options

Vladimir Blagojevic vladimir@cs.yorku.ca
Tue Jul 1 13:02:01 2003


> To access the Skitter data, you need to get membership from CAIDA.  This
> is a pretty straighforward process - typically requires one business
> day.  Skitter data represents a massive collection of traceroutes from
> which one can obtain the router level topology of the Internet.
> The SCAN data, which is supported by BRITE, refers to the topology
> collected by Govidan and Tangmunarunkit's Mercator Internet mapping
> software (see there Infocom00 paper).  This consistutes a router level
> topology from 1999 -- no membership required to access this data.

Excellent. So they can replace synthetic router levle topology with "real"
router level traces. In BRITE I suppose you import the data for router
level and let BRITE generate AS level and then output everything to BRITE
format. I am waiting for SKITTER approval but I suppose I can play with
SCAN until I get approved.

Best regards.