[brite-users] importing options

Anukool Lakhina anukool@cs.bu.edu
Tue Jul 1 12:55:01 2003


All three (Skitter, SCAN, Rocketfuel) datasets are a bit different, so
your choice of which dataset to import depends on what you want to
do with it.

To access the Skitter data, you need to get membership from CAIDA.  This
is a pretty straighforward process - typically requires one business
day.  Skitter data represents a massive collection of traceroutes from
which one can obtain the router level topology of the Internet.  

The SCAN data, which is supported by BRITE, refers to the topology
collected by Govidan and Tangmunarunkit's Mercator Internet mapping
software (see there Infocom00 paper).  This consistutes a router level
topology from 1999 -- no membership required to access this data.

The Rocketfuel data has been collected by Neil and Ratul over at UW (see
their sigcomm 02 paper).  This data represents router level topology of
individual ISPs and is probably the most complete ISP topologies available
for researchers.  The Rocketfuel import functionality is unfortunately not
bundled in the BRITE distribution yet (soon, soon :) )...

So the decision of which topology to choose depends on what your end goal
is.  Hope this helps,


On Mon, 30 Jun 2003, Vladimir Blagojevic wrote:

> Hi,
> What are the options for importing non-synthetic topology data. Brite
> website mentions support for skitter and scan importing. It seems that I
> have to submit a request to get skitter dumps? Has anyone tried the their
> visulalization tool Walrus? You also need CAIDA approval to use Walrus :(
> A while ago, Anukool mentioned Rocket traces or something similar?
> What is the curent state of BRITE support for importing topologies and
> which one would you recommend? What are your experiences?
> Best regards,
> Vladimir
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