[brite-users] BRITE GUI usage

Yan Chen yanchen@cs.berkeley.edu
Thu Jun 19 15:37:01 2003

Hi, all:

This maybe a dumb question: but I can not get GUI to work.  Make seems 
to work, at least from the printout.  But after I loaded the GUI and 
specifies the parameters, save file (in BRITE format) and click "build 
topology" with Java on Linux system, it just stuck there and did not do 
anything.   I tried various configs as parameters, and none works.

Really frustrated by that.  Anyway, can anyone do me a favor by 
generating a conf file for me? TD_ASWaxman_TDBarabasi.conf:  40 AS, and 
500 router/AS, thus 20000 nodes, all other parameters can be default.  
The sample conf from download doesn't include such topology.

Thanks a lot,