[brite-users] Regarding ".dictionary.Traffic.BGP.bgpapp_host" used in "DMLExport.java"

Juan Rodriguez Hervella jrh@it.uc3m.es
Wed Jun 11 10:08:02 2003

Hello again:

I'm thinking of generating some random patterns of traffic inside the
topology created by BRITE, and I've found out that it seems that
there's already such functionality. I see this configuration 
in "Java/Export/dictionary.dml":

BGPHost [
     # one bgp host
     host [ id 3  _extends .dictionary.Traffic.BGP.bgpapp_host]
     link [ attach 0(2) attach 3(0)]   #_extends .dictionary.Links.InterASLink


But I'm thinking this doesn't work, because for example, though the
interfaces from 0-5 are free on every router, how can it be hardcoded
the identity of the host (id 3) ? What about if we generate a router
with identity 3 (node.getID() == 3)?

Furthermore, though we can know one end of the link (the interface
of our node, 3(0) in the example), we can't hardcode what will
be the other end, right ? I mean, how do you know that there's
a router with id=0 and interface 2 available ?

I will look forward to your early reply :)