[brite-users] Error with SSFNet exported file

Juan Rodriguez Hervella jrh@it.uc3m.es
Mon Jun 9 11:57:03 2003


when I exec the output of BRITE on SSFNet, this happens:

root@mira:/home2/ssfnet# java SSF.Net.Net 1000 ../BRITE/topologia.dml 
../BRITE/topologia_networks.dml ../BRITE/Java/Export/dictionary.dml


--- Phase II: connect Point-To-Point links
com.renesys.raceway.DML.configException: link attach: no such host: 2:11 for 
        at SSF.Net.link.config(link.java:107)
        at SSF.Net.Net.config_new_link(Net.java:744)
        at SSF.Net.Net.configLinks(Net.java:730)
        at SSF.Net.Net.configLinks(Net.java:707)
        at SSF.Net.Net.config(Net.java:337)
        at SSF.Net.Net.tmain(Net.java:215)
        at SSF.Net.Net.main(Net.java:107)

Does BRITE generate correct SSFNet output files or is there some
problem with it ? Has anybody had similar problems ?

Thank you again.