[brite-users] Reusing BRITE object graph structure

Anukool Lakhina anukool@cs.bu.edu
Mon Jan 27 16:52:01 2003

Hi Vladimir,

Technically speaking, what you seek to do is straightforward to do using
the BRITE data structures.  I have done something similar that maybe of
help to you. You can find a reference implementation of Dijkstra on BRITE
data structures here:  http://cs-people.bu.edu/anukool/src/Dijkstra.java.txt.  

(standard disclaimers on please-don't-sue-me-if-your-computer-crashes,
i-am-just-a-poor-graduate-student, etc. apply here)

Good luck,


On Sun, 26 Jan 2003, Vladimir Blagojevic wrote:

> Hi,
> I use BRITE as a topology generator for a research in overlay networks.
> The context of the research involves shortest path calculations. I was
> recommended to use jdsl graph library from Brown University. Everything
> worked well until I discovered some bugs in the library that prevented
> me to continue with the project. Since jdsl team is not responding to any
> emails nor to requests to obtain research source licences I have to drop
> jdsl and use another library.
> First I thought of writing a small graph library myself but then I
> realized that reusing some classes directly from BRITE seems like a better
> idea. Basically all I need is graph object representation with nodes and edges
> and shortest path calculation on that graph object structure.
> Looking at the BRITE licence, it seems that there are no legal obstacles
> on this way.  How about technical? From my perspective it doesn't look too
> complicated to include shortest path calculation in BRITE?
> Best,
> Vladimir
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