[brite-users] Reusing BRITE object graph structure

Vladimir Blagojevic vladimir@cs.yorku.ca
Sun Jan 26 15:31:02 2003


I use BRITE as a topology generator for a research in overlay networks.
The context of the research involves shortest path calculations. I was
recommended to use jdsl graph library from Brown University. Everything
worked well until I discovered some bugs in the library that prevented
me to continue with the project. Since jdsl team is not responding to any
emails nor to requests to obtain research source licences I have to drop
jdsl and use another library.

First I thought of writing a small graph library myself but then I
realized that reusing some classes directly from BRITE seems like a better
idea. Basically all I need is graph object representation with nodes and edges
and shortest path calculation on that graph object structure.

Looking at the BRITE licence, it seems that there are no legal obstacles
on this way.  How about technical? From my perspective it doesn't look too
complicated to include shortest path calculation in BRITE?