[Brite-users] Walrus

Vladimir Blagojevic vladimir@cs.yorku.ca
Fri Dec 20 18:35:02 2002

Hey Anukool,

On Fri, 20 Dec 2002, Anukool Lakhina wrote:
> Yes, adding Walrus is definitely on the planned todo.  Walrus was an
> intended feature in the last release but at that time, it was still
> in early beta.  Another planned visualization export is AT&T's Dotty and
> related suite of tools.

On walrus webpage they mention that "LibSea graph files (a documented
CAIDA-developed input format) are supported". Isn't it the same file
format as Otter?

One major drawback I have with all these tools is that visulization of
dynamically changing graphs is not supported. I can't image that it is
that hard for the graph visualization developers to allow API hooks for
something like that....

> contributed.   The goal is to have a new release incorporating all these
> by Spring.

Great I can wait until spring no problem.

> Ofcourse, if you want to contribute an export routine to Walrus, this
> would be very welcome! :)  :)

I am far behind on my projects myself :(