[Brite-users] HS and LS

Alberto Medina amedina@cs.bu.edu
Thu Dec 19 21:54:01 2002

Hi Munirul,

HS and LS are used to specify the dimensions of the plane that will 
"contain" the generated topology. The plane is just a conceptual square 
with side HS. This "big" square is internally subdivided into smaller 
squares with side LS.

All generation modes involve placing the nodes in the plane and therefor 
these parameters are related to all models. Note that the meaning of the 
plane can be interpreted according to the application that will use the 
synthetic topology. For more information check the BRITE documentation 
in the webpage.



munirul@okstate.edu wrote:

>Could someone explain the meaning of HS and LS
>HS - Size of main plane
>LS - Size of inner planes
>is it used for hierarchical graphs?
>what significance does it have when i am creating a AS only graph with
>waxman's model?
>Munirul Islam
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